Авиационные аббревиатуры, начинающиеся на цифры:

1 PPS - One Pulse Per Second
1 :1 - One-to-one relationship
1 :M - One-to-Many relationship
16PF - Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire
2D - Two Dimensional
3D - Three Dimensional
3D - Palair Macedonian (airline)
4D - Four Dimensional
4D FMS - 4D Flight Management System
4D-NAV - 4D Navigation
4DTN - 4D Trajectory Negotiation
4-MASt - 4-MAST group
5LNC - Five Letter Name Code
5-ST-RSG - 5-States Route Structure Group
5-STRSSG - 5-States Route Structure Steering Group
5-SRSWG - 5-States Route Structure Working Group
8.33 CP - 8.33 Contact Person
8.33 PMC - 8.33 Programme Management Cell
8.33 State - A State initially implementing 8.33 kHz channel spacing


Авиационные аббревиатуры, на букву A:

A - Aeroplane
A - Amber
A - Prededing 4 digits Altimeter (Metar)
A - Ampere
A - At or Above (constrained altitude)
A - Autotuned NAVAID
A - Austria
A01 - Automated Observation Without Precipitation Discriminator
A02 - Automated Observation With Precipitation Discriminator
A SMGCS - Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems
A/A - Air/Air (Air ti Air)
A/C, a/c - Aircraft
A/D - Analog-to-Digital
A/D Converter - Analogue-to Digital Converter
A/G - Air-Ground
A/I - Accident(s)/Incident(s)
A/l - Anti-ice
A/L - Auto Land
A/P - Autopilot
A/T - Autothrottle
AA - American
AA - Approved agency
AAA - Advanced ATC System Amsterdam
AAA - Asian Airliners Association
AAA - (or AAB, AAC...etc., in sequence) Amended meteorological message (message type designator)
AAATS - Australian Advanced Air Traffic Services
AAC - Alpha Attenuation Coefficient
AAC - Aeronautical Administration Communication (a class of communication which supports administrative communication)
AAC - Airline Administrative Communication
AACC - Airport Associations Co-ordinating Council
AACE - Airfield Approach Control Element
AACI - Airports Association Council International
AACO - Arab Air Carriers Organisation
AAD - Assigned Altitude Deviation
AAF - ATM Added Functions
AAFCE - Allied Air Forces Central Europe
AAFG - ATM Added Functionality Sub-Group
AAG - AIS Automation Group
AAGDI / AGADE - Automated Air/Ground Data Interchange
AAH - Autonomous Aircraft Hybrid
AAIB - Air Accident Investigation Branch (UK equivalent of NTSB)
AAIM - Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
AAIS - Automated AIS
AAL - Above Aerodrome level
AALS - Advanced Approach and Landing System
AAM - Airbus Asset Management
AAM - Airline Administration Message
AAME - Association of Aviation Medical Examiners
AAP - Advanced Automation Program
AAPA - Association of Asia Pacific Airlines
AAR - Airport Acceptance Rate or Airport Arrival Rate
AAR - Air-to-Air Refuelling
AAS - Advanced Automation System (the end systems for all FAA air traffic control, located at the ARTCCs
AASA - Air Lines Association of Southern Africa
AASC - Airport Authorities Steering Committee
AASI - Aeronautical Applications Service Interface
AASR - Airways and Airport Surveillance Radar
AAT - Alpha Attenuation Test
AATF - Airworthiness Assurance Task Force
AATMS - Advanced Air Traffic Management System
AATT - Advanced Aviation Transportation Technology
AAUI - Aeronautical Applications User Interface
AAWF - Auxiliary Aviation Weather Facility
AB - Action Button (mouse)
ABAS - Aircraft-based Augmentation System
ABC - ATC Bypass Complex
ABET - Airspace Behavioural Engineering Technology
ABFG - ATM Basic Functions Sub-Group
ABI - Advance Boundary Information
ABM - Abeam
ABN - Aerodrome Airport Beacon
ABPSK - Aviation Binary Phase Shift Keying
ABT - About
ABV - Above
AC - Air Canada
AC - Alternating Current
AC - Altocumulus
AC - Assessment Centre
AC - Assistant Controller
AC - Advisory Circular
АСА - Air Traffic Centre Architecture
АСА - Airport Co-ordinators Association
АСА - Airspace Control Activity
АСА - AUP / UUP Composition application (software)
АСА - Austrian Cockpit Association
ACAC - Arab Civil Aviation Council
Acad - Academic establishments
ACAD - Auto Computer Aided Design (Operator-Input + Display System)
ACAG - Airspace Co-ordination Agencies
АСАМ - Airport Capacity Airside Modelling
ACAMS - Aircraft Condition Analysis and Management System
ACARS - Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System
ACARS - ARINC communications and address reporting system (digital communications system used primarily for aircraft-to-airline messages)
ACARS MU - ACARS Management Unit
ACAS - Airborne Collision Avoidance System
ACAS I - Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 1
ACAS II - Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 2
ACAS III - Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 3
ACASA - ACAS Analysis
ACATF - ATC Centre Communications Architecture Task Force
ACB - Aeroclub
ACC - Area Control Centre
ACC Controller - Area Controller
ACC Loop   Anticipation-Action-Comparison Loop
ACCA - Air Charters Carriers Association
ACCC - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
ACCEL - Accelerate
ACCESS - Aircraft Control Console for Experiments and Simulations Studies
ACCID - Notification of an aircraft accident
ACC-PC - ACC Planning Controller
ACCS - Air Command and Control System
ACC-TC - ACC Tactical Controller
ACCUM - Accumulate
ACDAC - Asociacion Colombiana de Aviadores Civiles
ACDMD - Air Collaborative Decision Making Demonstrator
ACE - Allied Command Europe
ACE - Altimeter Control Equipment
ACE - ATC Communications Environment
ACF - Area Control Facility. See ACC or ARTC
ACFS - Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator (a generic "glass cockpit")
ACFT - Aircraft
ACG - Advanced ATS Concept Group
ACG - Advanced Concept Group
ACG - ATN/CNS Consultation Group
ACG - ATS System Concept Working Group
ACG - Austro Control GmbH
ACH - ATC Flight Plan Change Message
ACH - ATC Flight Plan Change
ACI - Airports Council International
ACI - Area of Common Interest
ACID - Aircraft Identification (ICAO)
ACIPLA - Asociacian Civil de Pilotos de Lineas Aereas (Uruquay)
ACK - Acknowledge(ment) message
ACL - Altimeter Check Location
ACL - ATC Clearances
ACM - Acceptance of (Radar) Co-ordination Message
ACM - Acceptable Means of Compliance
ACM - Airspace Control Measures
ACM - ATC Communication Management
ACMS - Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACN - Aircraft Classification Number
ACN - Airspace Co-ordination Notification
ACN - Austrian Communication Network
ACNZ - Airways Corporation of New Zealand
ACO - Airspace Co-ordination Order
ACOD - Area Conflict Detection
ACP - Accept Message
ACP - Acceptance Message
ACP - African, Caribbean and Pacific States
ACP - Aircraft Control Position (window)
ACP - Airspace Control Plan
ACP - Airspace Crossing Acceptance Message
ACP - Allied Communications Publication
ACP - Azimuth Change/Count Pulses
ACP - Area Control Procedural
ACPO - Aircraft Position Operator
ACPSC - Advisory Committee on Procurement and Sales Contracts (Eurocontrol/DF)
ACPT - Accept or Accepted
ACR - Air Carrier
ACR - Atlantic Co-ordinated Route
ACRPWG - Aircraft Crash Recovery Procedures Working Group
ACS - Advanced Communication System
ACS - Airspace Control System
ACS - Area Control Surveillance
ACSA - Allied Communications Security Agency
ACSE - Application Control Service Element
ACT - Active
ACT - Activation message designator
ACT - ATC Activation message
ACT/LAM - Activation Message / Logical Acknowledgement Message
ACTF - Aeronautical Charting Task Force
ACU - Airspace/Antenna Control Unit. See BSU
ACYC - Anticyclonic
AD - Administrative Domain (ENOC)
AD - Aerodrome
AD - Air Defence
AD - Airworthiness Directive
AD - CFMU/FDOD - Airspace Data Section
ADA - Advisory Area
ADAGES - Action Plan Definition on the Basis of Architecture studies from GAAS for EATMS
ADAP - Automated Downlink of Airborne Parameters
ADAPT - ATS Data Acquisition, Processing and Transfer Panel (ICAO)
ADC - Air Defence Centre / Command / Clearance
ADC - Air Data Computer
ADC - Analog to Digital Converter
ADCA - Air Defence Classification Area
ADCE - Aircraft Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment
ADCP - Air Defence Command Post
ADD - Architectural Design Document
ADD - Average Delay per Delayed Flight
ADDI - Automated Digital Data Interchange (ICAO)
ADDN - Addition or Additional
ADDR - Address
ADE - Air Defence Element
ADE - Autonomous Display Equipment
ADEG - ATS Data Exchange Group
ADEP - Aerodrome of Departure
ADES - Aerodrome of Destination
ADEXA - Air Defence Exercise Area
ADEXP - ATS Data Exchange Presentation (message format used for IFPS); ATS Data Exchange Program Format
ADF - Automatic Direction Finder
ADFL - Augmented Dynamic Flight Leg
ADGE - Air Defence Ground Environment
ADJ - Adjacent
ADI - Aerodrome Control Instrument
ADI - Attitude Director lndicator
ADI - Attitude Display Indicator
ADIDS - Advanced Data & Image Distribution System (CCTV Application)
ADIRS - Air Data Inertial Reference System
ADIRU - Air Data Inertial Reference Unit
ADIS - Automatic dependent surveillance and Data Link Interim System
ADIS - Automatic dependent surveillance and Data Link Interim System
ADIS (P) - Automated Data Interchange System (Panel) - ICAO
ADIZ - Air Defence Identification Zone
ADLP - Aircraft Data Link Processor (the Mode S subnetwork function onboard the aircraft that implements the OSI network layer protocols)
ADM - Administrative/Administration
ADM - Aeronautical Decision Making
ADM - Average Delay per Movement
ADM - Airborne Data Bus
ADM - Air Data Module
ADMA - Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association
ADMD - Airspace Data Management & Distribution
ADNC - Air Defence Notification Centre (GR)
ADNS - Aeronautical Radio Incorporated Data Network Service
ADOC - Air Defence Operations Centre
ADOLT - Air Defence Liaison Team
ADORA - Analysis and Definition of the Operational Requirements for ATM
ADP - Activity Predictor Display
ADP - ATFM Daily Plan
ADP - Automated Data Processing or Auxiliary Data Processing
ADPG - ATM Data Processing Sub-Group
ADR - Advisory Route
ADR - Air Data Reference
ADR - Airfield Damage Repair
ADR - Average Delay per Regulated Flight
ADREP - Accident/Incident Reporting System
ADRS - Air Defence Radar Site
ADS - Air Data System
ADS - Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS-A - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Addressed
ADS-B - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
ADS-C - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract
ADS-P - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Panel (ICAO)
ADS-R - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Report
ADSEL - Address Selective SSR System (UK)
ADSIA - Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ADSP - ADS Processor
ADSP - Automatic Dependent Surveillance Panel (ICAO)
ADT - Air Data Tester
ADT - Approved Departure Time
ADTI - Additional Technical Information (ODS - ESCO)
ADUG - Airport Database User Group
ADV - Advise
ADV - Aerodrome Control Visual
ADVCTN - Advection
ADVON - Advanced Echelon
ADVY - Advisory
ADZ - Advise
ADZD - Advised
ADZY - Advisory
AE - ATM Engineering
AE - Application Entity
AE - United Arab Emirates (ISO Country Code)
AEA - Association of European Airlines
AECB - Atomic Energy Control Board
AECG - ACAS Evaluation and Co-ordination Group
AFCS - Automatic Flight Control System
AEEC - Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
AEFMP - Algeria, Spain, France, Maroc, Portugal Project
AEGIS - Airborne Early Warning Ground Environment Integrated Segment
AEGIS - ATM European Group for Improvement of Scenarios
AEG-TFK - AEG-Telefunken
AEM - Airports & Environment Management (Eurocontrol)
AENA - Aeropuertos Espanoles y Navegation Aerea (ES)/Spanish Airport and Air navigation Administration
AERA - Automated En-Route Air Traffic Control
AEREA - Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics
AEROSAT - Aeronautical Satellite Council
AES - Aircraft/Airborne Earth Station (ICAO - ADS)
AES - ATC Engineering Section
AES - Automatic Enhanced Surveillance
AEV - Annual Equivalent Value
AEW - Airborne Early Warning
AEWPD - Adapted EATM Work Programme Document
AF - Air Force
AF - Air France (airline)
AF - Audio Frequency (VCS)
AF - DME Arc to a Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
AFA - Association of Flight Attendants
AFAS - Aircraft in the Future ATM System
AFAST - Active Final Approach Spacing Tool
AFB - Air Force Base
AFC - Airport Facilities Control (ICAO)
AFC - Area Forecast Center
AFC - ATC Frequency Change (service)
AFCAC - African Civil Aviation Commission
AFCNF - Air Force Central NOTAM Facility
AFCS - Automatic Flight Control System
AFD - Airport Facility Directory
AFD - Associated Flight Details
AFDK - After Dark
AFDS - Autopilot Flight Director System (also A/P F/D)
AFFSC (E) - Air Forces Flight Safety Committee (Europe)
AFG - Advisory Financial Group (ex-FCG/Eurocontrol)
AFI - Africa-Indian Ocean Region (ICAO)
AFIL - Air Filed Flight Plan
AFIS - Airport/Aerodrome Flight Information Service
AFISO - Aerodrome Flight information Service Officer
AFIZ - Aerodrome Flight information Zone
AFL - Actual Flight Level
AFL - Assigned Flight Level
AFM - Yes or Affirm or Affirmative or That is Correct
AFM - Airplane Flight Manual
AFMS - Advanced Flight Management System
AFMSG - Audit and Financial Matters Sub-Group
AFN - Air Traffic Services Facilities Notification
AFN - Airspace/Flow Management & Navigation Business Division (Eurocontrol)
AFP - Active Flight Plan Processing
AFP - Area Forecast Panel
AFP - ATC Flight Plan Proposal
AFPA - Automated Flight Plan to Track Association
AFPL - ADEXP Filed Flight Plan
AFRAA - African Airlines Association
AFS - Advanced Functional Simulator
AFS - Aeronautical Fixed Services
AFS - Automatic Flight System
AFSATCOM - Airborne Satellite Communication
AFSS - Automated Flight Service Station
AFT - After (time or place)
AFTN - Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AFW - Area Flows Window
AFWA - Automatic Flight Weather Advisory
AGA - Aerodromes and Ground Aids
AGARD - Advisory Group on Aeronautical Research and Developments
AGAS - European Action Group for ATM Safety
AGATE - Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
AGC - Automatic Gain Control (VCS)
AGCS - Air-Ground Communication System
AGCSG - Air/Ground Communication Sub-Group Meeting
AGDC - Air/Ground Data Communications
AGDC-SG - Air/Ground Data Communications Sub Group. See AGSG
AGDC-TF - Air/Ground Data Communications-TF (ODT)
AGDL - Air-Ground Data Link
AGDLS - Air-Ground Data Link System
AGL - Above Ground Level
AGLAE - Air-Ground Data Link Applications Experimentation
AGN - Again
AGN - Agenda
AGOD - Advisory Group on Deliverables
AGR - Agreement
AGSG - Air / Ground Data Communication Sub group
AGVC-SG - Air/Ground Voice Communication Sub Group
AHDG - Assigned Heading
AHEAD - Automation and Harmonisation of European Aeronautical Data
AHGSO - Ad Hoc Group of Senior Officials
AH MI - Airborne Human Machine Interface
AHRS - Attitude and Heading Reference System
AHS - American Helicopter Association
AI - Artificial Intelligence
AI - Air India (airline)
AIA - Aerospace Industries Association
AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIAA - Area of Intense Aerial Activity
AIB - Aeronautical Information Bulletin (EAD)
AIC - Aeronautical Information Circular
AICB - Air Initiated Comm-B Protocol
AICG - Ab Initio Co-ordination Group
AICG - ACAS Implementation Co-ordination Group
AICG - Airport Interface Co-ordination Group
AICM - Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model (EAD)
AID - Aid or Aircraft Identification
AIDA - Aeronautical Information and Data handling Austria
AIDC - ATS Interfacility Data Communications (ICAO)
AIDS - Aircraft Integrated Data System
AIG - ACAS Implementation Group ; Automatic Input Generation
AIG - Accident Investigation and Prevention
AIL - Aeronautical Item Location Bank
AIM - Airman's Information Manual
AIM - ATFM Information Message
AIM-FANS - Airbus Interoperable Modular FANS
AIMS - Airplane Information Management System (Boeing 777)
AIMS - Aircraft Integrated Monitoring (Information Management) System
AIP - Aeronautical Information Publication
AIPN - Appointing authority
AIR - Armament Initiative and Requirements
AIR 4653 - Aerospace Information Report 4653 - (Flight Management Systems Review)
AIR - Air Control
AIRAC - Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control
AIRCOM - Aircraft Communications
AIREP - Air-Report (ICAO)
AIRMET - Air Meteorological Information Report which may affect the safety of low-level aircraft operations
AIRPROX - The code word used in air traffic incident report to designate aircraft proximity (ICAO)
AIRS - Advanced Infrared Sounder
AIS - Aeronautical Information Services
AISAP - AIS Automation Specialist Panel
AISAS - Aeronautical Information Services Automated System
AISC - Aeronautical Mobile Communications System Panel
AISC - Aeronautical Industry Service Communication
AISG - AIS Automation Group
AISPOP - AIS Planning and Operations Subgroup
AISS - Aeronautical Information Server System
AIS-TF - AIS Training Task Force
AISU - Aeronautical Information Service Unit
AITSC - Administrative IT Steering Committee
AIXM - Aeronautical Information Exchange Model
AKARD - Available Knowledge And required system Research and Development
AL - Aircraft Label
AL - Albania (ISO Country Code)
AL - Alerting Service
AL - Allegheny
ALA - Alighting Area
ALB - Alternative Label
ALCC - Airlift Central Co-ordination Centre
ALCE - Airlift Control Element
ALCM - Air Launched Cruise Missile
ALD - Airlift Division
ALERFA - Alert Phase
Alert - Alert phase
Alert Indicator - (visual or auditory) which provides information to the flightcrew in a timely manner about an event requiring pilot awareness.
ALF - Aloft
ALIM - Altitude Limit (Positive RA Altitude Threshold)
ALLA - Allied Long Lines Agency
ALMC - Airlift Movement Cell
ALO - Air Force Liaison Officer
ALPA - Air Line Pilots Association
ALQDS - All Quadrants
ALR - Alerting message
ALRS - Alerting Service
ALRT - Alert
ALS - Approach Lighting System
ALS - Architecture Layer Structure (ISO)
ALS - Automatic Line Switch (RMCDE)
ALS - Automatizovany Letisni System (CZ) /Automated Airport System
ALSEC - All Sectors
ALSF-2 - High Intensity Approach Lighting Systerm with Sequenced Flashing Lights.
ALSTG - Altimeter Setting
ALT - Airborne Link Terminal
ALT - Altitude
ALT - Alternate
ALTM - Altimeter
ALTN - Alternate Aerodrome
ALTNLY - Alternately
ALT HOLD - Altitude Hold Mode
ALTRV - Altitude Reservation System
ALWF - Actual Wind Factor
AM - Aeromexico
AM - Airspace Management
AM - Amplitude Modulation
AM - Armenia (ISO Country Code)
AM - Arrival Manager
AM - Attribute Modification
AMA - Area Minimum Altitude
AMA - Airlift Management Agency
AMAN - Arrival Manager (APATSI)
AMC - Airspace Management Cell
AMC - АТС Microphone Check (service)
AMC - Avionics Maintenance Conference
AMC/CADF - Airspace Management Cell – ECAC Centralised Airspace Data Function
AMCP - Aeronautical Mobile Communication Panel (ICAO)
AMD - Administrative Management Domain
AMD - Advisory Map Display
AMD - Amend or Amended
AMD - Arrival manager Display
AMDP - Airspace Management Data Processing
AMDP-TF - EATCHIP Airspace Management Data Processing Task Force
AMDT - Amendment (ICAO)
AMDWP - Aeromedical Working Party
AME - ATM Message Exchange
AMEG - Air Miss Evaluation Group
AMGR - Airport Manager
AMHS - Aeronautical Message Handling Service
AMI - Airline Modifiable Information
AMI - Administrative and Management Information Software
AMID - Approach Multi-Input Device (ODID)
AMJ - Advisory Material Joint
AMLCD - Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
AML (WP) - Airfield Markings and Lighting (Working Party)
AMN - Airspace Management and Navigation (EATM Unit)
AMOC - ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management
AMOC - ATFM Modelling Capability
AMOS - Automatic Meteorological Observing System
AMOS - ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support organisation
AMOSS - Airline Maintenance and Operation Support System
AMPS - American Mobile Phone System
AMS - Aeronautical Mobile Service Air Mass
AMS - Airspace Management Service
AMS - ATC Model-Simulations Studies
AMS(R)S - Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (Route) Service
AMSC - Allied Military Security Code
AMSL - Above Mean Sea Level
AMSS - Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Services
AMSS - Aeronautical Mobile Satellite System
AMSS - Automatic Message Switching System
AMSSP - Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service Panel
AMT - ADS Mediterranean Trials
AMTI - Adaptive Moving Target Indicator
AN - Access Node (RMCDE)
ANA - Aeroportos e Navegacao Аёгеа (PT)
ANA - All Nippon Airways
ANA-EP - Aeroportos e Navegacao Аёгеа Empresa Publica (PT)
ANC - Access Network Computer
ANC - Air Navigation Commission / Conference (ICAO)
ANCAT - Abatement of Nuisances Caused by Air Transport (ECAC environmental policy committee (ENVAL)
ANDRA - Advanced Node for Data Relay in ATN
ANDS - ANS Department
ANERC - Advanced New En-Route Centre (UK)
ANLYS - Analysis
ANM - ATFM Notification Message (CFMU / ECAC States)
ANOVA - Analysis of Variance
ANP - Actual Navigation Performance
ANP - Air Navigation Plan
ANPP - Air Navigation Plan Publication
ANS - Air Navigation Service
ANS - Answer
ANS/CR - Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
ANSA - International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services
ANSEP - Air Navigation Services Economics Panel (ICAO)
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ANSIR - Advanced Navigation System Inertial Reference
ANSO - Air Navigation Services Offices (Irish aviation authority)
ANSP - Air Navigation Service Provider
ANT - Airspace and Navigation Team
АО - Aircraft Operator
АО - Airlines Operator
АО - Arrival Operations
АО - ATM Operations
AOA - Aircraft Operating Agency (e.g. Airlines)
AOA - Angle-of-Attack
AOA - Airport Operations Area
AOB - Air Order of Battle
AOB - Angle of Bank
AOC - Advanced Operational Capability
AOC - Aerodrome Obstruction/Obstacle Chart
AOC - Aeronautical Operational Communications
AOC - Aircraft Operating Company
AOC - Aircraft Operations Centre (ICAO)
AOC - Airline Operation Control
AOC - Aeronautical Operation Control (communications which support safety and regularity of flight that normally take place between aircraft and the operator)
AOC - Assume of Control (ODID)
AOC - Auxiliary Output Chip
AOC - Aeronautical Operational Control
AOC - Air Operator's Certificate
AOC - Airline Operational Communications
AOCC - Aircraft Operator Control Centre
AOCI - Airport Operators Council International
AOCP - Airborne Operational Computer Programme
AOCS - Attitude and Orbit Control System
AOCU - Aircraft Operator Control Unit
AOF - AIS Office (EAD)
AOF - Allocation of Functions
AOG - Aircraft On Ground
AOI - Aircraft Operations Information
AOI - Area of Operational Interest
AOI - AIS Office
AOIS - Aeronautical Operational Information System
AOM - Aircraft Operations Manual
AOP - Aeronautical OSI Profile
AOPA - Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
AOPG - Aerodrome Operations Group (ICAO)
AOPTF - Aerodrome Operations Task Force
AOR - Area of Responsibility
AOR - Atlantic Ocean Region (ICAO)
AOR-E - Atlantic Ocean Region - East (ICAO)
AORTF - ATM Added Functionality Operational Requirements Task Force
AOR-W - Atlantic Ocean Region - West (ICAO)
AOS - Airport Operations Strategy Drafting Group
AOT - Airport Operations Team
AOU - Aircraft Operator Unit
AOWIR - Aircraft Operator What-If Re-routing
AOWP - Airport Operations Work Plan
AP - Airport
AP - Auto-Pilot
AP - Application Process APA Allied Pilots Association
APANPIRG - Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group
APAPI - Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator
APATSI - Airport / Air Traffic Systems Interface (ECAC)
APB - APATSI Project Board
APC - Aeronautical Passenger Communications / Correspondence
APC - Aeronautical Public Correspondence
APC - Assistant Planning Controller
APCH - Approach
APD - Activity Predictor Display
APDLC - Aircraft Proximity Data Link Communication (ICAO)
APDSG - ATM Procedures Development Sub-Group
APE - Analysis Programme for Evaluation
API - Application Programming Interface
APIS - Advanced Passenger Information system
APIRG - Africa-Indian Ocean Planning and Implementation Regional Group (ICAO)
APL - Abbreviated Flight Plan
APL - Applied Physics Laboratory
APL - ATC Flight Plan
APLGT - Airport Lighting
APM - Architecture Project Management
APMB - ACAS Programme Management Board
APMS - Automated Performance Measurement System
APO - Airport Operator
APO - Aircraft Performance and Operations
APOD - Airport of Debarkation
APP - Approach Centre / Control (office/service)
APP controller/director - Approach controller/director
App. - Appendix
APPA-SG - ATFM Policies and Principles Advisory Sub-Group
APP-ASS - Approach-Assistant
APPR - Approach/Approach Mode
APR - Automatic Position Reporting
APRT - Airport
APRX - Approximate or Approximately
APS - Approach Control Surveillance
APSG - ACAS Programme Steering Group
APSG - After Passing
APT - Airport(s)
APT - Airspace Planning Team became ANT (March 94)
APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
APV - Approve or Approved or Approval
APW - Area Proximity Warning
AQAP - Allied Quality Assurance Publication
AQG - Agency Quality Group
AQP - Advanced Qualification Programme
A-QPSK - Aviation Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
AR - Agency Representative (CIP)
AR - Air Route
AR - Automatic Reminder
AR - Argentina (ISO Country Code)
AR-1 - Approach Radar 1
ARAC - Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
ARB - Authoritative Representative Body
ARC 2000 - Automatic Radar Control for the 21st Century (CEE)
ARC - Airlift Requirement Centre
arc - assigned rate of climb/descent
ARC - Advanced Research for/in Air Traffic Control
ARC (ARCH) - CFMU - Archive System
ARCC - Air Rescue Co-ordination Centre
ARCH - Archives and Quality Control System
ARCID - Aircraft Identification
ARCOS - Arrival Co-ordination System
ARCP - Air Refuelling Control Point
ARDEP - Analysis / Assessment of Research and Development in Eurocontrol Programmes
ARDRS - Automatic Radar Data Recording System
ARDS - ATM Architecture and overall system engineering
ARETA - ATM with RNAV in Extended Terminal Area
ARFA - Allied Radio Frequency Agency
ARFF - Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting
ARFOR - Area Forecast
ARH - Architecture
ARIBA - ATM system safety criticality Raised Issues in Balancing Actors Responsibility
ARINC - Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (a nonprofit corporation owned by member airlines to define form, fit and functions of avionics equipment)
ARINC 306 - Guidance For Designers Of Aircraft- Electronic Installations
ARINC 307 - Aircraft Integrated Data System Wire Bundle Provisions
ARINC 404A - Air Transport Equipment Cases And Racking
ARINC 406A - Airborne Electronic Equipment
ARINC 408A - Air Transport Indicator Cases And Mounting
ARINC 413A - Guidance For Aircraft Power Utilisation And Transient Protection
ARINC 414 - General Guidance For Equipment And Installation Engineers
ARINC 415 - Operation/Technical Guidelines On Failure Warning and Functional Test
ARINC 419 - Digital Data System Compendium
ARINC 421 - Guidance For Standard Subdivision of ATA Spec 100 Numbering System for Avionics
ARINC 422 - Guidance For Modification Status Indicators & Avionics Service Bulletins
ARINC 424 - Navigation System Data Base
ARINC 429 - Mark 33 Digital Information Transfer System
ARINC 528 - Airborne Tape Recorder
ARINC 533A - Airborne HF SSB/AM System
ARINC 541 - Airborne Magnetic Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 542 - Airborne Oscillograph Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 542A - Digital Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 551 - Airborne Glide Slope Receiver - Mark 2
ARINC 557 - Airborne Voice Recorder
ARINC 559A - Mark 2 Airborne HF SSB/AM System
ARINC 561 - Air Transport Inertial Navigation System - INS
ARINC 566 - Airborne VHF Communications Transceiver And Mark 1 VHF SATCOM System
ARINC 566A - Mark 3 VHF Communications Transceiver
ARINC 569 - Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment
ARINC 569 - Heading and Altitude Sensor (HAS)
ARINC 571 - Inertial Reference System (INS)
ARINC 574 - Passenger Announcement, Entertainment & Service Multiplex System
ARINC 575 - Mark 3 Subsonic Air Data System (Digital)
ARINC 576 - Mark 4 Subsonic Air Data System
ARINC 577 - Audible Warning System
ARINC 578 - Airborne ILS Receiver
ARINC 579 - Airborne VOR Receiver
ARINC 585 - Electronic Chronometer System
ARINC 591 - Quick Access Recorder For Aids System(OAR)
ARINC 592 - Airborne Passenger Tape Record
ARINC 594 - Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
ARINC 595 - Barometric Altitude Rate Computer
ARINC 596 - Mark 2 Airborne SELCAL System
ARINC 597 - Aircraft Communications Addressing And Reporting System (ACARS)
ARINC 597A - Enhanced ACARS Avionics
ARINC 59MA - Airborne Announcement Tape Reproducer
ARINC 600 - Air Transport Avionics Equipment Interfaces
ARINC 601 - Control/Display Interfaces
ARINC 602 - Test Equipment Guidance
ARINC 602A - Test Equipment Guidance
ARINC 603 - Airborne Computer Data Loader
ARINC 604 - Guidance For Design And Use Of built-In Test Equipment (BITE)
ARINC 605 - Users Guide For ARINC 616 Avionics Subset Of ATLAS Language
ARINC 606 - Guidance For Electrostatic Sensitive Device Utilisation & Protection, Sup. 1
ARINC 608 - Standard Modular Avionics Repair And Test System (SMART)
ARINC 609 - Design Guidance For Aircraft Electrical Power Systems
ARINC 610 - Guidance For Design and Integration of Aircraft Avionics Equipment In Simulators, Supplement 1
ARINC 611 - Guidance For The Design and Installation Of Fuel Quantity Systems, Sup. 1
ARINC 612 - BITE Glossary
ARINC 613 - Guidance for Using the Ada Programming Language in Avionics Systems
ARINC 614 - Standard Firmware Loader For Avionics Shops
ARINC 615 - Airborne Computer High Speed Data Loader, Supplement 3
ARINC 616 - Avionics Subset of ATLAS Language
ARINC 620 - Data Link Ground System Standard And Interface Specification
ARINC 622-1 - The ACARS Convergence Process
ARINC 624 - Design Guidance For Onboard Maintenance System
ARINC 626 - Standard ATLAS For Modular Test
ARINC 627 - Programmers Guide For Smart Systems Using ARINC 626 ATLAS
ARINC 629 - Multi Tester Data Bus: Part 1 - Technical Description
ARINC 629 - Multi-Transmitter Data Bus
ARINC 631 - Aviation Packet Communications Functional Description
ARINC 651 - Design Guidance For Integrated Modular Electronics
ARINC 659 - Backplane Data Bus for Integrated Modular Avionics
ARINC 701 - Flight Control Computer System
ARINC 702 - Flight Management Computer, Supplement 4& 5
ARINC 703 - Thrust Control Computer
ARINC 704 - Inertial Reference System, Supplement 6
ARINC 705 - Altitude and Heading Reference System(AHRS)
ARINC 706 - Subsonic Air Data System
ARINC 707 - Radio Altimeter, Supplement 6
ARINC 708 - Airborne Weather Radar
ARINC 709 - Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment, Supplement 8
ARINC 709A - Precision Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment
ARINC 710 - Mark 2 Airborne ILS Receiver
ARINC 711 - Mark 2 Airborne VOR Receiver
ARINC 714 - Mark 3 Airborne SELCAL Systems
ARINC 715 - Airborne Passenger Address Amplifier
ARINC 716 - Airborne VHF Communications Transceiver
ARINC 717 - Flight Data Acquisition And Recording System
ARINC 718 - Mark 3 ATC Transponder
ARINC 719 - Airborne HF/SSB System
ARINC 720 - Digital Frequency/Function Selection for Airborne
ARINC 722 - Electronic Equipment Protection Video System
ARINC 723 - Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
ARINC 724 - Mark 2 Aircraft Communications
ARINC 724A - Mark 2 ACARS Avionics
ARINC 724B - Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)
ARINC 725 - Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIS)
ARINC 726 - Flight Warning Computer System
ARINC 727 - Airborne Microwave Landing System
ARINC 728 - Avionics Refrigeration and Cooling System (ARCS)
ARINC 729 - Analog And Discrete Data Converter System
ARINC 730 - Airborne Separator Assurance System
ARINC 731 - Electronic Chronometer
ARINC 732 - Mark 2 Airborne Passenger Audio Entertainment Tape Reproducer, Supplement 1
ARINC 735 - Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System(TCAS), Supplement 1
ARINC 737 - On Board Weight and Balance System. Supplement 1
ARINC 738 - Air Data and Inertial Reference System (ADIRS)
ARINC 741P1 - Aviation Satellite Communication System: Part I- Aircraft Installation Provisions
ARINC 741P4 - Aviation Satellite Communications System: Part 4 - Specification and Description Language
ARINC 742 - Design Guidance For Windshear Warning and Guidance Equipment
ARINC 743 - Airborne Global Positioning System Receiver
ARINC 744 - Full Format Printer
ARINC 745 - Automatic Dependent Surveillance, Supplement 1
ARINC 746 - Cabin Communications System, Supplement 1
ARINC 747 - Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 748 - Communications Management Unit (CMU)
ARINC 750 - VHF Data Radio (VDR)
ARINC 751 - Gate-Aircraft Terminal Environment Link (Gatelink) - Aircraft Side
ARINC 752 - TFTS Airborne Radio Sub-System
ARINC 753 - HF Data Link System
ARINC 757 - Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
ARINC539A - Airborne 400 Hz AC Tape Reproducer
ARLO - Air Liaison Officer
ARM - ADS Report Message
ARM - Air Request Message
ARM - Anti Radiation Missile
ARM - Armenia
ARMATS - State Closed Joint-Stock Company of Armenian Air Traffic Services
ARN - ATS Routes and Associated Navigation Means
ARN-1 (Table) - Basic ATS Route Network in the Lower and Upper Airspace
ARN-2 (Table) - Radio Navigation Aids Associated with the Basic ATS Route Network Terminal Area and Instrument Approach Procedures
ARN-V2 - ATS Route Network - Version 2 (ECAC, EATM)
ARN-V3 - ATS Route Network - Version 3 (ECAC, EATM)
ARNG - Arrange
ARO - Air Traffic Service Reporting Office
ARP - Aerodrome Reference Point
ARP - Aerospace Recommended Practice
ARP - Automated Route Planning
ARPA - Advanced Research Project Agency
ARPL - ADEXP Format Repetitive Flight Plans Message
ARQ - Automatic error Correction
ARQ - Automatic Request Repeat
ARQ - Automatic Response to Query
ARR - Arrive or Arrival or Arrival Message
ARR SP - Arrival Sequence Planner
ARS - Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service
ARS - Avoidance Routing Scheme
ARS - Special air-report (message type designator)
ARSA - Airport Radar Serve Area
ARSC - Air Rescue Sub Centre
ARSR - Air Route Surveillance Radar
ARST - Arresting (specify (part of) aircraft arresting equipment)
ART - Analysis and Replay Tool
ARTAS - Air Traffic Management Surveillance Tracker and Server System
ARTCC - Air Route Traffic Control Centre
Artemis - An ESA experimental telecommunications satellite hosting an EGNOS navigation transponder
ARTES-9 - Advanced Research in Telecommunication Systems
ARTS - Area Radar Training Squadron
ARTS - Automated Radar Terminal System
ARU - Archive to UNIX
ARU - Airspace Reservation Unit
AS - Airspeed
AS - Airspace
AS - Altostratus
AS, A-S - Anti-Spoofing
ASA - Aircraft Situation Awareness
ASA - Automated Support to ATC
ASA - Automatic Slot Assignment
ASA System - Automatic Slot Assignment System
ASAP - Aircraft Separation Assurance Programme
ASAP - As soon as possible / practicable
ASARS - Air Surveillance Airborne Radar System
ASAS - Airborne Separation Assurance System
ASC - Ascend to or Ascending to
ASCAP - Automatic SSR Code Assignment Procedure
ASCB - Avionics Standard Communication Bus
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange / Exchange
ASCOT - Airport Slots Compliance Tools
ASDA - Accelerated Stop Distance Available
ASDAR - Aircraft to Satellite Data Relay
ASD - CFMU/ENGD - Architecture & System Design Section
ASDE - Airport Surface Detection Equipment
ASD-TF - Air Situation Display Task Force
ASE - Altimetry System Error
ASE - Application Service Element
ASECNA - Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar
ASEP - ACCS Surveillance Exploratory Prototype (NATO / SHAPE)
ASHTAM - NOTAM relating to volcanic and/or dust activity(ICAO)
ASI - Aerospace Sciences Inc.
ASI - Asia Region (ICAO)
ASI - Air Speed Indicator
ASIC - Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASM - Ad-hoc Schedule Message
ASM - AirSpace Management
ASMAC - Automated System for Management of Aeronautical Information and Charting
ASMC - Airspace Management Communications
ASMGCS - Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems
ASMI - Airport Surface Movement Indicator
ASMT - ATM Safety Monitoring Tool
ASMTF - Airspace Management Task Force
ASN - Abstract Syntax Notation
ASN 1 - Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASNO - Approach Sequence Number
ASO - Air Surveillance Officer
ASOC - Air Sovereignty Operations Centre
ASOC - Army Support Operations Centre
ASOP - Airspace Organisation and Procedures System
ASOS - Automatic Surface Observing
ASP - Adjustable System Parameter
ASP - Aeronautical Fixed Service Systems Planning for Data Interchange Panel
ASP - Air Space
ASP - AIRCOM Service Processor (SITA)
ASP - Arrival Sequence Planner
asp - assigned speed
ASPH - Asphalt
ASPP - Aeronautical Fixed Service Systems Planning for Data Interchange Panel
ASQF - Application Specific Qualification Facility (part of EGNOS)
ASR - Airport Surveillance Radar (TAR)
ASR - Altimeter Setting Region
ASRS - Aviation Safety Reporting System
ASRT - Air Support Radar Team
ASSR - Assigned SSR code (FPPS/DECADE)
ASTA - Airport Surface Traffic Automation
ASTER - Aviation Safety Targets for Effective Regulation
ASTERIX - All-purpose Structured Eurocontrol Radar Information Exchange.
ASTP - ADS Studies and Trials Project
ASW - Anti Submarine Warfare
ASW - Air Situation Window
AT - At (an altitude)
AT - Actual Time Count Down
AT - Air Transport
AT - At Time
AT… - At (following by time at which weather change is forecast to occur)
AT - Austria (ISO Country Code)
AT - Royal Air Maroc (airline)
ATA - Actual Time of Arrival
ATA - Air Transport Association (of America)
ATA - Airport Traffic Area
ATAC - Airspace Traffic Data Capture
ATAF - Allied Tactical Air Force
ATAFF - Air Traffic Arbitrated Free Flight
ATAG - Air Transport Action Group
ATAR - Automatic Air Reporting
ATARS - Automatic Traffic Avoidance and Resolution System
ATAS - Air Traffic Advisory Service
ATC - Air Traffic Control
ATCA - Air Traffic Control Association (US)
ATCA - Allied Tactical Communications Agency
ATCA - Air Traffic Control Assistant
ATCAP - Air Traffic Control Automation Panel (ICAO)
ATCAS - (Sweden) ATC Automated System
ATCC - Air Traffic Control Centre
ATCC - Air Traffic Control Clearance
ATCCC - Air Traffic Control Command Centre
ATCEUC - Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Co- ordination
ATCgram - Illustration in graph form of the main functional levels of ATC systems
ATC-HMI - Air Traffic Control Human Machine Interface
ATCI - Airport ATC and Information systems
ATCO - Air Traffic Controller or Air Traffic Control Officer
ATCRBS - Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATCRU - Air Traffic Control Radar Unit
ATCS - Air Traffic Control Service
ATCS - Advanced Train Control Systems
ATCSCC - Air Traffic Control System Command Center
ATCSQ - ATC Safety Questionnaire
ATCT - Airport Traffic Control Tower
ATCU - Air Traffic Control Unit
ATD - Actual Time of Departure
ATD - Along Track Distance
ATDS - Airborne Tactical Data System
ATE - Automatic Test Equipment
ATFC - Air Traffic Flow Controller
ATFM - Air Traffic Flow Management
ATFM - CFMU/DEVD - ATFM Application Section
ATFMC - Air Traffic Flow Management Communications
ATFMO - Air Traffic Flow Management Organisation
ATFMP - Air Traffic Flow Management Position
ATFMS - Air Traffic Flow Management System
ATFMU - Air Traffic Flow Management Unit
ATFR - Air Traffic Flow Regulator
ATG - Air Traffic Generator
ATHR - Autothrust System
ATI - Automatic Tracking Initiation
ATIC - Administrative and Technical Inspection Committee(Agency structure)
ATIF - ATN Trials Infrastructure
ATILO - Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation
ATIS - Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATLAS - Air Traffic Land and Air Study [or Airborne Systems] (European Commission)
ATLC - Atlantic
Atm - Tyre Pressure (KG/cm3)
ATM - Air Traffic Management
ATM - Air Transportation Management
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM 2000+ - Eurocontrol ATM Strategy for the Years 2000+
ATMAS - Air Traffic Management Automated System (It. ATFM)
ATMC - Air Traffic Management Centre
ATMCP - ATM Operational Concept Panel (ICAO)
ATMCT - Air Terminal Movement Control Team Centre(NATS UK)
ATMG - Air Traffic Management Group
ATMO - Air Traffic Management Organisation
ATMOS - Air Traffic Management Operating System
ATMS - Advanced Air Traffic Management System
ATN - Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (the collection of ground subnetworks, air/ground subnetworks and airborne subnetworks interconnected by ATN routers that support computer-to-computer, internetwork communication and message transfer between host computers using the OSI ISO protocol architecture)
ATN RD - Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Routing Domain
ATN RDC - Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Routing Domain Confederation
ATNC - ATN and Communication Architecture
ATNI - Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Internet
ATNP - Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Panel(ICAO)
ATNSI - ATN System Inc. (US)
ATO - Actual Time Overhead of Overflying (CFMU - CASA)
ATO - Airborne Traffic Observation
ATOC - Allied Tactical Operations Centre
ATOPS - Advanced Transport Operating System
ATOT - Actual Take Off Time
ATP - At…(time or place)
ATP - Airline Transport Pilot
ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot License
ATRAC - Air Navigation Services Employee Training Concept
ATRACC - ATC System for Riga Area Control Centre
ATRK - Alone Track Error
ATS - Air Traffic Services
ATS - Automatic Throttle System
ATSA - Air traffic Services Authority (Bulgaria &Croatia)
AT-SAT - Air Traffic Selection and Training
ATSD - Air Traffic Situation Display
ATSC - Air Traffic Service Communications (Communications related to air traffic services. This includes ATC, aeronautical and meteorological information, position reporting and services related to safety and regularity of flight)
ATSEP - Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel
ATSIS - Air Traffic Services Investigation System
ATSN - Air Traffic Service Network
ATSO - Air Traffic Services Operator
ATSORA - Air Traffic Services Outside Regulated Airspace
ATSP - Air Traffic Service Providers
ATSSD - ATS Standards Department
ATSU - Air Traffic Service Unit
ATSup - Air Traffic Supervisor
ATT - Along Track Tolerance
ATT - Attitude Indicator
ATTN - Attention
ATWR - Apron TWR
ATYP - Aircraft Type
ATZ - Aerodrome Traffic Zone
AU - Arbitrary Unit
AU - Australia (ISO Country Code)
AUA - ATC Unit Airspace
Aud - Audio aids
AUP - Airspace Use Plan
AURBO - Aurora Borealis
AUS - Airspace Utilisation Service
AUSOTS - Australian Organised Track Structure
AUSTRO CONTROL - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zivilluftfahrt mbH (AT)
AUTH - Authority
AUTH - Autorized or Authorization
AUTO - Automated (Metar) No Human Intervention
AUTOB - Automatic Weather Reporting System
AUTOCAD - Automatic Computer Aided Design
AutoNav - Auto-Navigation
AUTOVON - Automatic Voice Network
AUW - All Up Weight
AUX - Auxilliary
AV - Audio-visual aids
AV - Avianca
AVAIL - Available
AVBL - Available
A-VASIS - Advanced Visual Approach Slope Indicator System
AVENUE - ATM Validation Environment for Use towards EATMS
AVG - Average
AVGAS - Aviation Gasoline
AVHRR - Advanced Very High-Resolution Radiometer
AVI - Audio/Video Interleaved
AVOL - Aerodrome Visibility Operational Level
AVPAC - Aviation VHF Packet Communications
AW - Area Width
AW - Aerial Work
AW/P - Active Way Point
AWACS - Airborne Warning and Control System
AWAS - Automated Weather Advisory Station
AWIPS - Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWIR - Automatically generated What-If Re-routing
AWOG - All Weather Operations Group
AWOP - All Weather Operations Panel (ICAO)
AWOS - Automatic Weather Observing System
AWSS - Automated Weather Sensor System
AWP - Ancillary Working Position
AWP - Arrival Waypoint
AWP - Aviation Weather Processors
AWR/Rn - Alternative flight plan on the basis of the Aircraft Operator „What-If“ Re-route Function (AOWIR), whereby „n“ designates the current number of the AOWIR alternative flight plan
AWTA - Advise at What Time Table
AWX - All Weather
AWY - Airway
AY - Finnair (airline)
AZ - Aerodrome zone
AZ - Alitalia (airline)
AZ - Azerbaijan (ISO countries Codes)
AZM - Azimuth

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