Авиационные аббревиатуры

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Авиационные аббревиатуры и определения

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Термин/Аббревиатура Определение/Расшифровка аббревиатуры
TOGATakeoff/Go Around

10 случайных терминов и аббревиатур:

Термин/Аббревиатура Определение/Расшифровка аббревиатуры
enroute flight advisory service (EFAS)This service, also known as flight watch, is designed to provide, upon pilot request, timely weather information pertaining to the type of flight, intended route of flight, and altitude.
peenTo flatten or round-over the end of a rivet or shaft by a series of light hammer blows around its edge.
Air Carrier District OfficeSee ACDO.
warm front (meteorology)The surface between two air masses in which a mass of warm air is flowing over a mass of colder air. Warm fronts usually bring low ceilings, fog, and light but steady rain.
position error (aircraft instrument error)An error in the indication of flight instruments connected to the static air system (altimeter, airspeed indicator, and vertical speed indicator). This error is caused by the air at the entrance to the static system not being absolutely still. The amount of position error changes with the angle of attack or airspeed of the aircraft and is usually greatest at low airspeeds when the angle of attack is the highest.
electromagnetic radiationOne method by which energy is transmitted from one location to another. Radio and television signals, for example, reach us by electromagnetic radiation. When electric and magnetic fields oscillate back and forth at a high enough frequency, they extend out into space in the form of waves. These waves may be absorbed (received) at some distant point. Very little energy transmitted by electromagnetic radiation is lost, or used up, by the space between the point from which it is sent and the point at which it is received. Energy from the sun reaches the earth by electromagnetic radiation, and only a very small amount of this energy is lost in the empty space between the sun and the earth.
risk elements (in ADM)The four fundamental risk factors that must be taken into consideration in ADM: the pilot, the aircraft, the environment, and external pressures. See PAVE.
meter-kilogramThe amount of work done when one kilogram of force acts through a distance of one meter.
bonding agent (structural)An adhesive used to bond together materials used in aircraft construction.